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 Nueva version del N1MM, 27 Dic 08

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Fecha de inscripción : 14/11/2008
Edad : 46
Localización : Aviles

MensajeTema: Nueva version del N1MM, 27 Dic 08   Mar Dic 30, 2008 1:40 pm

Version 8.12.7 (Started December 27, 2008) -- Download
Changed minimum normal transceiver timeout time to 5 seconds
Bug fix: The status message after updating the call history displays a QSO count that is one less than actual. (K2DSL) (coded by K3CT)
Set the radio mode to CW/CW-R when Tools, Tune to Beacon for this band is selected. (coded by K3CT)
Bug fix: Changed the K3 and Kenwood radio interface timeout to be more robust. (KA1IOR) (coded by K3CT)
RAC: Correct start date/times for Canada Day and Winter contests (VE1DT) (Coded by K1MK)
RAC: Pre-fill province from Call History (if enabled) and from VE prefix (K8JQ) (Coded by K1MK)
Increase the robustness of deducing subdivision (state,province,oblast) from callsigns (Coded by K1MK)
Bug fix: #1025 Reset Rx when running split is not working when in ESM with FT-1000MP. In addition to fixing the bug, enabled the reset of Rx frequency when the {LOG} macro is used, when LogIt is clicked, when CTRL+ALT+ENTER is used to log a QSO. Also, changed the Configurer text wording for this feature and prevented the Rx frequency from being reset when a logging error occurs. (PC5M) (coded by K3CT)
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Nueva version del N1MM, 27 Dic 08
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